QComm for Communications

QComm revolutionizes digital signage, internal communications and emergency communications with its dynamic platform. 

QComm is an internal communication tool, designed to ensure 100% readership of critical messages. It does so by displaying pop-up notifications on screens until it is acknowledged. 

This software bolsters your internal communication strategy with intuitive tools and versatile features that allow for quick seamless communications delivery and receipt across the globe. It seamlessly integrates storytelling and visuals to captivate and engage your audience. QComm makes it easy to broadcast alerts to all corporate devices, including PCs, phones, and tablets. This ensures high visibility and guarantees that every message acquired the required outcome. 

Elevate your internal communication with QComm, a state of the art Internal Communication Tool and ensure optimal productivity through messaging that ensures improved outcomes.

Working Of QComm Software

Creation And Management

Control Panel

Authorized users create messages in the control panel.


Customize size, appearance, and content of alerts to align with your internal communication tools.

Display And Interaction

Pop-Up Notification

Appear on top of all windows, ensuring visibility while capturing attention

Screen Options

Con cover the whole screen or a portion, even on locked screens akin to digital display software.

Targeting And Delivery

Active Directory Integrations

Allows targeting specific employee groups, enhancing the precision of your internal communication strategy.


Notifications are received via an application on employee devices, integrating seamlessly with other internal communication tools.

Engagement And Feedback

Rich Content

Engages employees with various media types and interactive elements.


Requires reading confirmation for accountability, ensuring that critical messages are acknowledged.

Features of Software

Internal Communication Spectrum

Our Services


Compliance Communications

Compliance Communications

Leadership Communications

Emergency / Crisis Communications

Emergency / Crisis Communications

Employee Engagement

Employee Engagement

HR Communications

HR Communications

IT Outages

IT Outages

Compliance Communications

Digital Signage

Our Solution​


Government ​

Government ​

Retail in india


Oil & gas

Energy and Renewables


Real Estate​

Real Estate​

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What Is Qcomm Software?

QComm Software provides telecommunications solutions, including data management, network optimization, and communication tools to enhance business connectivity and efficiency.

Can I Schedule Desktop Alerts?

 Yes, this software allows you to schedule desktop alerts for timely notifications and reminders for enhanced business communication an productivity.

In What Ways Can The User Be Notified?

Users can get notified through various channels in this software, including desktop alerts, SMS alerts, email notifications, and in-app messages for efficient communication. 

How Does A Mobile Push Notification Work?

QComm Software uses mobile push notifications to instantly deliver alerts or updates to users’ mobile devices through a dedicated app, ensuring timely communication and engagement. 

How does the QComm client work?

The QComm client is the software installed on staff PCs, mobile phones, or tablets. It regularly communicates with the QComm servers to receive and manage the display of content on these devices.

Can we see a demo of QComm?

Definitely! You can schedule a demo with us at your convenience.

Is the QComm Available for Windows and Mac?

The QComm client is available exclusively for Windows machines that are updated with the latest operating systems.

How Pop Up Message Is Helping Communication Teams Reach Employees?

Pop-up messages from QComm ensure communication teams can instantly reach employees with important updates, bypassing email delays. This direct approach guarantees visibility and prompt action, enhancing efficiency

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