Are you tired of your event promotions getting lost in a sea of flyers and posters? 

In the current era, grabbing attention requires innovative solutions.  What if you could create dynamic displays that not only capture attention but also inform, engage, and excite your audience?

Digital signage offers a powerful answer to this challenge. This versatile tool can revolutionize your event marketing strategy, transforming static displays into dynamic experiences. Studies by the Retail Technology Institute show that digital signage can increase brand recall by up to 83%, making it a highly effective way to leave a lasting impression on potential attendees.

But how can you leverage this technology to its full potential? This blog dives deep into 11 creative ways to utilize digital signage, transforming your event promotion from static to spectacular. 

The Power of Digital Signage:

While QComm doesn’t directly manufacture digital signage displays, their industry-leading Snapdragon processors play a crucial role in powering these displays. These processors enable features like high-resolution visuals, smooth video playback, and efficient content management, making digital signage solutions more effective and engaging than ever before.

11 Creative Ways To Leverage Digital Signage


1.Captivate The Attention Of Passersby With Dynamic Displays

Static posters are easily ignored in a busy environment. Digital signage, however, offers a vibrant alternative. Eye-catching visuals, combined with dynamic content that changes and updates regularly, can significantly increase the chances of passersby stopping to notice your event promotion.

Studies by the Retail Technology Institute found that digital signage can increase brand recall by up to 83%.

You can showcase a captivating video trailer for your upcoming concert or conference. Use bright colors, bold fonts, and clear calls to action to pique the audience’s interest and encourage them to learn more.

2.Show Your New Line Up With Digital Signage Solutions

Digital signage is wider than just promoting a single event. You can leverage it to showcase your entire event lineup for a season, festival, or conference. Create a digital carousel that displays information about upcoming events, including speaker bios, session highlights, and registration details.

For instance – Are you hosting a series of cooking demonstrations by renowned chefs? Utilize digital signage to display a schedule of upcoming demonstrations with enticing pictures of the featured dishes.

3.Create A Sense Of Urgency With Event Countdowns 

Digital signage allows you to create a sense of urgency and excitement for your event.  Display a countdown timer that ticks down to the event date, highlighting the limited time window for registration or early bird discounts. This strategy can encourage procrastinators to take action and secure their spot before it’s too late.

For example, there are a limited number of VIP tickets available for your music festival? Use a prominent digital display to showcase a countdown timer alongside the remaining number of VIP tickets, creating a sense of exclusivity and driving sales.

4.Raise Awareness For Any Cause With Digital Signage Content

The versatility of digital signage extends beyond promoting events. You can utilize it to raise awareness for a cause associated with your event. Include impactful visuals, statistics, and calls to action to encourage attendees to participate or donate.

Example – Are you hosting a charity run to benefit cancer research?  Showcase stories of cancer survivors alongside the event details on your digital signage displays. This can connect with attendees on an emotional level and motivate them to participate in the cause.

5.Build Relations With The Visitors Through Interactive Displays 

Digital signage can be more than just one-way communication.  Consider incorporating interactive elements into your displays, such as social media feeds, polls, or quizzes. This allows attendees to engage with your event and brand on a deeper level, fostering a sense of community and connection.

For instance, use an interactive digital display at your conference to gather attendees’ feedback on session topics or speaker preferences. This valuable data can help you tailor future events to better suit your audience’s needs.

6.Keeping The Consumers Informed WIth Real-Time Updates

Digital signage allows you to deliver real-time updates to attendees. This can be particularly beneficial for large events with multiple sessions or locations. Utilize digital signage to display live event schedules, room changes, speaker updates, or any other pertinent information to keep attendees informed and navigate the event smoothly.


In case of a last-minute speaker change at your conference, update your digital signage displays to reflect the new schedule, ensuring attendees are aware of the adjustments.

7.Entertaining The Guests While They Wait

Waiting periods can be a drag for attendees. Liven things up by displaying entertaining content on your digital signage. Showcase event highlights, behind-the-scenes snippets, or fun facts related to the event theme. This can keep attendees engaged and entertained while they wait for sessions to begin.

If for instance, you hosting a food festival? While attendees wait in line for a particular vendor, use digital signage to display short cooking demonstrations by other chefs, keeping them entertained and potentially sparking interest in trying new dishes.

8.Promoting Your Seasonal Launch And Event With Digital Displays

Digital signage is a perfect platform to showcase upcoming seasonal events and product launches. Utilize high-quality visuals, product information, and pre-order options to generate excitement and encourage early customer interest.

For example – Is your clothing store hosting a summer fashion show? Display captivating visuals of the new summer collection on your digital signage displays alongside the date and time of the fashion show. This can create a buzz around the event and encourage attendees to visit your store to see the collection firsthand.

9.Answer FAQs Before Your Customer Even Asks WIth Digital Signage Content Management System (CMS)

Anticipate common attendee questions and use your digital signage to provide clear and concise answers. This can significantly reduce wait times at information booths and streamline the overall event experience.

Are you hosting a music festival with multiple stages? Utilize a digital signage CMS to create a comprehensive map of the venue, highlighting the location of each stage, restrooms, and food vendors. This readily available information empowers attendees to navigate the festival with ease.

9.Display The Current Date, Time, And Weather With Digital Signage Real-time Content

While seemingly simple, displaying the current date, time, and weather can be incredibly helpful for attendees, especially for multi-day events or those held outdoors. This information can help attendees plan their schedule and dress appropriately for the weather conditions.

For example – Is your conference taking place over three days?  Showcase the current date prominently on your digital signage displays alongside the daily schedule. This helps attendees stay organized and ensures they don’t miss any important sessions.

10.Display Brand Reviews And Testimonials With Digital Signage

Social proof is a powerful marketing tool.  Showcase positive reviews, testimonials, and social media mentions on your digital signage displays. This builds trust and credibility with potential attendees and encourages them to register for your event.

Have attendees from previous events shared positive feedback on social media?  Display these positive comments alongside event highlights on your digital signage. This social proof can significantly influence potential attendees who are still on the fence about registering.

QComm and The Future of Digital Signage:

While QComm doesn’t directly manufacture digital signage displays, their industry-leading Snapdragon processors play a crucial role in powering these displays. These processors enable features like high-resolution visuals, smooth video playback, and efficient content management, making digital signage solutions more effective and engaging than ever before.

As QComm continues to push the boundaries of mobile technology, we can expect even more innovative and immersive digital signage experiences to emerge in the future.

Final Words

Digital signage offers a versatile and dynamic platform to elevate your event marketing strategy. By implementing these creative ideas and leveraging the power of digital signage content management systems and real-time content updates, you can grab attention, keep attendees informed, and ultimately generate excitement and encourage participation in your events.

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